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19 August 2017
About Us

Being a member of Stirling Credit Union means

Flexible & Convenient Loans
Members can take out flexible loans at competitive rates and with a repayment term tailored to their needs.

Dividend Payments
In any year that the credit union makes a profit, dividend payments may be paid to its members.

Quality Service
Members pay a small annual fee to belong to Stirling Credit Union to cover the administration of the credit union and includes such costs as the running of the office, regular newsletters and the Annual General Meeting to which all members are invited.

Every year members receive a statement showing all transactions and can check their account balance any time on-line.

Pay by Standing Order or Pay Deduction
Save regularly by Standing Order or get your employer to deduct your savings from your wages and send them to Stirling Credit Union. Either way, be sure of regular payments to your credit union account.

Our History

Stirling Credit Union evolved from the Stirling Council Credit Union which was started in the late 1990’s for the benefit of Stirling Council employees as a simple means to save and borrow at affordable levels.

In 2009, the credit union changed its name to Scotcentral Credit Union when it widened its common bond to become a community credit union to include individuals who either work or live within Stirling District, Clackmannanshire and parts of Lanarkshire.

In 2013, Scotcentral Credit Union changed it's name to Stirling Credit Union as part of a re-branding and modernisation programme.

The Credit Union “Mission Statement”

Credit Unions aim to promote the financial wellbeing of their members. Stirling Credit Union is committed to providing a range of products and services designed to meet the needs of its members, supported by excellent customer service and sound management practices which maintain the financial strength of Stirling Credit Union.

The Board of Directors, Management, Staff and Volunteers are dedicated to meeting these aims and to ensuring that Stirling Credit Union is administered in a professional and compliant manner.

The Credit Union Story

A Credit Union is a democratic, financial co-operative owned and controlled by its own members. Each Credit Union is run only to benefit its members, all of whom have something in common - the common bond.

Credit unions allow people in the community to come together to save and borrow money at low rates. They are operated on a not-for-profit basis, with surpluses being returned to members by way of dividend payments

The modern Credit Union movement traces its origins to Germany and to Friedrich Willhelm Raiffeisen, the Mayor of a small town in southern Germany, who in 1849 formed societies, which later evolved into Credit Unions. The purposes of these Credit Unions was to enable people to help themselves in relieving debt and poverty.

Since then, the Credit Union philosophy of mutual help has proved very popular, and there are now over 100 Credit Unions throughout Scotland.

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