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19 August 2017
Payroll Deduction Schemes

Payroll Deduction Schemes

EMPLOYERS!!  Join the many companies and organisations throughout the UK who offer their employees a credit union savings and loans scheme.

  • Promote productivity by making your workforce feel appreciated, rewarded and motivated
  • Protect your staff from debt - credit union affordable loans will keep them away from payday lenders
  • FREE loan protection gives peace of mind
  • Reduce absenteeism - stress can lead to illness
  • Enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility profile

We have created a dynamic, integrated campaign for employers to introduce and run a payroll deduction scheme.

To make it easy for your employees to understand the scheme, sign up and make optimum use of its benefits we will provide you with a FREE service including

  • All admin: all your accounts/HR people need to do is set up a deduction from salary for each participating employee
  • Promotional materials to inform staff about the scheme and encourage them to sign up
  • All the paperwork required to enrol
  • Information about our affordable flexible loans

If you are a local employer and care about the financial welfare of your employees, contact us to find out more about how our payroll deduction scheme could work for you.

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