Friday 07th May, 2021

Temporary Arrangements

Temporary ArrangementsThe risks and likely impact of Coronavirus are by now well understood. Your board has discussed how this may affect members in coming months. We are committed to do everything we can to maintain a level of service - but we ask for your cooperation.

In particular, we ask all members to help maintain service by using SCU’s digital access capability (online, phone app, and email) and to be patient if response times are occasionally slow.

How you can help:

1. Plan for financial disruption in your own finances.

We rely on a small team and there may be inevitable delays and disruptions due to staff absences and working arrangements.


If you need to withdraw savings to cover expenses in the next few months then you should plan to do that well in advance.

If you think you may need a loan in the next few months apply soon so that we can get approvals etc done in plenty of time for when you need the money.

2. Don't come to the office.

In line with government guidelines we want to avoid non-essential contact with others, to curb the spread of coronavirus. This is for the protection of you and our staff. We have also arranged for staff to work at home where that is possible.


Scan documents and send by email, or send documents by surface mail. Do not bring them into the office.

Do not telephone the office to check your balance and transactions – please do this online.

Withdraw funds using online access or phone app or email with your instruction. We aim to check online instructions every working day and process transactions accordingly.

If we request that you come to the office please understand that staff will only talk through the ‘hatch’ and not meet you in reception.

3. If you are concerned about your ability to make a loan repayment, please contact us.

If you contact us we can discuss ways to help you through this tough period. Please be assured that we want to help in every way we can to avoid financial hardship at this time, but we can only do this if you contact us in advance.


If you are affected by loss of earnings due to Coronavirus then you please contact us (by email on as soon as you think you may miss a payment.

Your board are taking this health emergency very seriously. We want to minimise financial impact on our individual members: you can help us to help you - by following this advice, by planning your financial needs, and by being understanding and patient.


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