Tuesday 24th Mar, 2020

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Coronavirus: an updated response

Directors, staff and volunteers are meeting every Monday at noon by teleconference to ensure we react rapidly and appropriately during the current Coronavirus crisis.

Protecting our members’ interests

Further to our previous bulletin, issued on 17th March, we have implemented a number of important additional measures:

  • We have moved to full "virtual office" working

Staff and volunteers will process credit union business from home, by phone and with online access. 

  • The office in Spittal Street is closed

The office had already been operating with reduced staffing; the office is now closed in order to protect our staff and to support social distancing - in line with government directives.

  • Phones continue to be answered

Our phone line is open 5 days per week, between the hours of noon and 2pm. The office phone number is still the one to use. Outside these hours you will be able to leave a message, but we ask that you use this as a last resort and, instead, try to do as much online as possible.

  • We will process work in priority order

We have agreed a prioritised work-plan in anticipation of potential reduced staffing due to infection, self-isolation, childcare, technology restrictions or other causes. Our first priority will be to process savings withdrawal requests – we want you to be able to withdraw your savings whenever you need them. We plan to process withdrawals at least once in each working day.

I want to thank all of our members for your continued support and understanding. We can see most members are now using either online or phone app methods to view balances and transactions, to process withdrawal requests and communicate with the office. This has been very helpful to us in managing workload.

We will communicate future changes as and when they are needed.

Remember - stay safe, wash your hands, keep your distance.

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