Changes to your membership

Friday 31st May, 2024

An update on how the merger with Scotwest will affect you

Changes to your credit union membership

As the merger between Stirling and Scotwest Credit Unions progresses, there are some important updates about your membership we wanted to share with you.

Savings Dividend
As a Member of Scotwest, you will now earn a Dividend on your savings. This Dividend currently stands at 1% p.a. Dividends are paid quarterly on the last day of March, June, September and December. Dividend Rates are variable and are determined on an on-going basis by the Scotwest Board of Directors.

Scotwest offers a variety of other savings accounts offering different Dividends as well as a Christmas Savings Account. You can find out more about these here:

Loan Applications

If you are a current Member of Stirling Credit Union and you repay your loan by Direct Debit or Standing Order, you should now apply for new or top-up loans directly via Scotwest at which time you will fill in a full Membership application form also. You can find out more here:

Members Repaying via Payroll or Benefits will continue to apply for new or top-up loans through the usual Stirling Credit Union process.

These updates only apply to new or top-up loan applications moving forward. Repayment of existing loans will continue as usual.

Membership Fee

You will no longer be charged a Membership Fee.

Going Forward

We will send out further updates on the ongoing merger process but look out for updates on Stirling Credit Union Facebook and Twitter and of course you can do the same for Scotwest to find out what’s happening at your new credit union here.

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