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Most of our form can be filled-in on-screen, then printed for signing or simply emailed back to us. But you'll need to download them to your PC first.

You will need a PDF reader (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free to download).

To find out more about us

Download our information sheet:

About Stirling Credit Union - summary information

If you are an employer who is considering partnering with us to offer payroll savings, download our information sheet:

Employers as Partners

To join us

If you live or work within our Common Bond (the area we serve) and are aged 16 or over, then you can apply to become a member of our credit union. Please complete and send the following to us:

  • Membership Application form:

Membership Application Form 

  • A Standing Order Mandate OR, if your employer offers Payroll Savings with us, a Payroll Deduction Mandate:

Standing Order Mandate 

Payroll Deduction Mandate

  • a Nomination of Beneficiary form:

Nomination of Beneficiary Form

We also support Joint Accounts, which enables two members to access and transact on the same account. To open a joint account, both applicants must first be members of the credit union. When both parties have member numbers, complete a Joint Membership application form:

Joint Membership Application Form

To get online

Enjoy the benefits of going online!

Click here to download a step-by-step guide.

To become a Junior Saver

If you are aged below 16 years, then you can become a Junior Saver. When you turn 16, your account will convert to an adult account, which means you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of membership. When, as an adult member, you apply for a loan, your history as a Junior Saver will be taken into account.

Junior Saver Application Form 

To apply for a Christmas Savings Account

A Christmas savings account will pay out automatically, towards the end of November - just when you need it! Of course, we will also pay out from this account at any time, on request.

Christmas Account Application Form 

To apply for a loan

Decide which of our current loan types is best for you. To find out more about our loans, download the information sheets:

Currently Offered Loan Types 

To apply for a loan, complete an application form:

Loan Application Form 

Volunteer to work with us

Come and serve your community by volunteering even just a couple of hours each week. Contact us directly, or download and complete the application form:

Being a Volunteer

Volunteer to work with us 

Apply for a Vacancy

Click here to find out about current vacancies.

Interested?  Contact us directly or download and complete anapplication form:

Download an Application Form (editable Word version) - the form will be saved to your browser's "Downloads" folder.

Download an Application Form (pdf version) - the form will open in a new window..

If you've been asked to provide a reference for a candidate:

Provide a reference

Your Savings are Protected

How the FSCS Protects Your Money 

Financial Services Compensation Scheme Information Sheet

Data Privacy Notice

If you want to complain

If you want to complain, please download our guidance notes, which will ensure your concern can be addressed quickly and, we hope, to everyone's satisfaction:

Complaints Policy and Procedure

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