Junior savings

Junior savers

Junior Savers

Learning to save at a young age helps children become financially responsible adults


Junior Savers 

  • A new bike 
  • A skateboard
  • PlayStation
  • Grannie's birthday 
  • Mother's day flowers

Stirling Credit Union encourages Junior Savers - because one day they will be responsible adults who know the value of money, and the value of Credit Union membership

  • Any child from age 1 to age 15 can become a Junior Saver.
  • We operate Junior Savers groups in a number of schools, run by parent volunteers.
  • To encourage our Junior Savers to save regularly we pay a 'dividend' on their savings when there is a profit surplus, exactly the same as we do for adult members.

If you are a parent, guardian or relative wishing to help your child to save regularly it makes sense to open a savings account with Stirling Credit Union

Download the application form below and follow the instructions on the form.




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