Help With Finances

Help with your finances

At Stirling Credit Union we want to help everyone in the community achieve greater financial stability by building up some savings and being able to borrow responsibly. We want everybody in our community to be paying lower rates of interest and we believe we are one of the lowest cost lenders for most people. Membership of Stirling Credit Union is open to all of the community - no matter what your financial history you can open an account, start saving and start to rebuild your financial position with us.

Once you are a member and establish a regular savings pattern we can help you reduce your other weekly or monthly repayment outgoings with a consolidation loan. We help you calculate what is affordable for you, and offer a loan that will allow you to repay your other (typically) higher interest loans. A consolidation loan will allow you to save more and you will pay a reduced rate of interest; it can help get you back on an even keel financially.

Looking for free and impartial financial advice?

Free and impartial money advice can be obtained from the Money Advice Service, which was set up by the UK government. Their site includes a range of useful tools, including a household budget planning tool. Click here to access their site. (Remember to select services for Scotland).

Visit Martin Lewis' MoneySavingExpert: read the web site, but remember to search the extensive and useful discussion forum. 

Visit Stirling District Citizens Advice Bureau for support and advice on a number of different topics. Whether you need advice about your money situation, want to make a complaint about faulty goods, or would like to talk to someone about tax credits, we’re here to give you clarity and a positive way to move forward.

Arranging for your benefits to be paid into your Stirling Credit Union Account

If you are in receipt of benefits (under the "old" system") click here to find out how and when your benefits are paid, including how to arrange for them to be paid into your Stirling Credit Union account.

Click here if you are in receipt of the new Universal Credit, to find out how it's paid.

If you need help setting-up your benefits or universal credit payments, speak to our helpful and knowledgable office staff.

Struggling with debt?

Struggling with a burden of debt? Free, award-winning, debt counselling and support may be available in your area from Christians Against Poverty (CAP), a registered charity. Click here to visit their web site (enter your postcode to check if they cover your area) or call their free helpline 0800 328 0006.

Get free advice from Step Change, a debt counselling charity. Click here to visit their site. 

It's also worth having a look at the Money Advice Scotland site. Unrelated to the UK national Money Advice Service (above), MAS will "signpost" you to free confidential and independent advice on how to deal with debt problems. Click here to visit their site. 

Download a list of contacts by clicking here

Struggling to get a current account?

Stirling Credit Union provides savings and loans, but we do not provide a current account (yet!).

A current account is designed to enable you to pay regular bills (using standing orders and direct debits); withdraw money (e.g. at ATMs or a "cash back" at a supermarket till), and make payments to retailers using a debit card and/or cheque-book.

If you have had money problems that have adversely affected your credit rating, you are likely to find you don't qualify for a standard current account. This can make life difficult.

A fee-free basic bank account may be worth considering if you can’t use or open a standard current account. You can use a fee-free basic bank account to receive money and pay bills, but it doesn’t allow you to use an overdraft. All of the major banks offer a basic bank account, but their conditions vary. 

To find out more, click here visit the Money Advice Service's helpful information pages.

Struggling to get a current account?

Click here to download useful contacts and numbers .

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