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From £200 to £15,000. From a few months to 5 years. All our loans are open to all members and our policy is to treat all members equally. Our lending rates are quite competitive with high street banks, and much (really much) cheaper than doorstep or payday lenders.

When you borrow from a Credit Union your loan interest creates the income that keeps our doors open to all. If we earn a profit on interest receipts, we pay it out as a dividend.

Your loan is written off if you die before your loan is cleared (exceptions apply).  

How many lenders can claim all of that?

Standard Loan

Standard loan

  • Available immediately upon joining the credit union
  • Borrow from £500 to £5,000
  • Loan period: 6 to 36 months
  • Rates from 19.56% APR (1.5% per month)
  • No qualifying membership period
  • Pledge to save at least £10 per month

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Loyalty Loan

Loyalty loan for existing members

  • For existing members who can pledge some of their savings
  • Borrow from £500 to £10,000
  • Loan period: 6 to 60 months
  • Rates from 12.68% APR (1% per month)
  • Must have been a member for 3 months
  • Pledge to retain 1/4 (25%) of the amount borrowed in the share account 

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Secured Loan

Secured loan

  • Our best rate for members who can pledge the amount borrowed
  • Borrow from £1,000 to £15,000
  • Loan period: 6 to 60 months
  • Rate 6.17% APR (0.5% per month)
  • Must have been a member for 3 months
  • Pledge to retain the amount borrowed in share account 

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Handy Loan

Handy loan for the unexpected

  • For members who need a small, short-term loan
  • Borrow from £200 to £1,000
  • Period 3 to 12 months
  • Rate 26.82% APR (2% per month)
  • Must have been a member for 3 months
  • No pledge required
  • May already have a loan, provided loan repayments are current

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When assessing loan applications.
  • We access credit reference information,
  • We assess affordability using national average data
  • We look at your loan repayment and saving history
It is your responsibility to ensure that you can afford loan repayments.
We may recommend a longer loan repayment period to reduce your monthly repayment. If you find you can repay your loan faster you can clear it without penalty.
Repayment Loans are repaid through your payroll savings, or by Standing Order, or from a savings deposit from DWP.
If your circumstances change and your repayments are at risk, please, let us know immediatelyWe may be able to help you to get things back on track, without penalty. 
  • We will pursue loan arrears to the fullest extent permissible under the legislation.
  • A member failing to repay a loan is removed from membership.
  • Further Information

    Read more information about the loans we offer. 

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